The world’s best-known towers

In many cities and countries, towers are built to mark the achievements of their eras. These buildings serve as interesting tourist destinations that offer spectacular views. We present five of the most famous towers in the world.

Eiffel Tower, France


The Eiffel Tower is arguably the most famous tower in the world. Images of the “Iron Lady” charm tourists more than those of the Arc de Triomphe, the Palace of Versailles or the Louvre Museum. After dark, take a “Bateaux-Mouche” boat tour on the Seine and admire the sparkling beauty of the Eiffel Tower. Opened to the public on March 31, 1889 after two years of construction, the 325 meters-high Eiffel Tower was the tallest building of its day. Parisians were proud of their tower. When the Nazis took control of Paris, locals cut the tower’s elevator cables and proclaimed that, while Hitler could overtake their nation, he could not climb the Eiffel Tower. When Paris regained its freedom in 1944, the Eiffel Tower became a symbol of liberty when a French flag was unfurled at its top.

Berlin Tower, Germany


Built in the 1960s, the Berliner Fernsehtum (Berlin Television Tower) has a space age style that expressed the strength of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Nowadays, it is a popular symbol of united Germany. The Berliner Fernsehtum is the fourth highest structure in Europe, after the Ostankino Tower in Moscow, the Kiev Television Tower (Ukraine) and the Riga Television Tower (Latvia). With a height of 368 meters, the Berliner Fernsehtum offers views of the whole city. On clear days it is possible to see 42 kilometres in all directions. A rotating restaurant called “Sphere” turns 360 degrees every half hour. This restaurant is one of Berlin’s most iconic dining venues, with menus that have been served since 1969.

Atomium, Belgium


Despite its relatively modest height of 103 meters, the Atomium in Brussels is famous because it was designed to replicate the molecules that form iron (nine molecules) magnified 165 billion times. Nine globular blocks have a diameter of 18 meters and are hollow inside. Other globes are linked to the surface of the central globe by cylindrical pipes. The stairs are 35 meters in length. Visitors can walk through the nine globes and view exhibitions. They will also find a playground area and a restaurant. Built for the Brussels World Fair in 1958, the Atomium houses many exhibits about the different nations that participated in the fair. And it is very interesting to see images of Vietnam’s kiosk. The Atomium is located in green Heysel Park, which lies 7km from the city centre. An image of the Atomium has appeared on Belgium’s 2€ notes since 2006.

Oriental Pearl Tower, China


Oriental Pearl Tower is a television tower in Shanghai that opened in 1995 with a height is 468 meters. It is the highest tower in Asia and the third tallest in the world. Located beside the Huangpu River, this tower sparkles at night. It has three observatory levels. The highest floor (called the Space Module) lies at 350 meters. The lower floors are at 263 meters (Sightseeing Floor) and 90 meters (Space City). A special rotating restaurant lies at 267 meters. From the Sightseeing Floor, visitors can see the city below through a floor made of transparent glass that gives a sense of walking in space. The tower also boasts exhibition rooms, a wax museum, restaurants and shops.There is even a hotel between two large globes with 20 special rooms.

Tokyo Television Tower, Japan


The Tokyo Television Tower is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo, and is still used as a television and broadcasting station. Locals see this tower as a symbol of Tokyo. Constructed in 1958, Tokyo Tower stands 333 meters tall and is the highest self-standing tower in the world. The Tokyo Tower is painted white and orange. At night, it shines bright orange. Two observatories lie at 150 meters and 250 meters and offer stunning views of Mount Fuji. Inside the tower visitors will find an aquarium with 50,000 different types of fish, a wax museum and an art gallery. Images of Tokyo Tower have appeared in many famous comics, such as Doraemon and Sailor Moon.