Taking a tour to Perfume Pagoda in Hanoi

Perfume Pagoda located in in Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Ha Noi is one of the fascinating spiritual tourism in the first days of the spring. Perfume Pagoda complex owns many scattered buildings in Yen stream valley, from the manmade works with the unique style to the caves created by nature.Perfume Pagoda festival annually lasts from January 6th to the end of the March as Lunar calendar. If you want to go to church, you should go into the festival season. If you go sightseeing temples and admire the wonders by nature, you can go in any time during the year. The most prominent place is the Huong Tich Cave.When visiting Perfume Pagoda in the festival season, most tourists often worry about the blood expensiveness from the sellers. However, you are absolutely assured that if you equip yourself some travel tips below: Transportation from Hanoi to Perfume Pagoda is very popular like passenger car, bus or taxi motorbike. Because the distance is not long, most people choose to travel by motorcycle, and the students usually go there by bus. If you visit Perfume Pagoda by motorbike, you can go in the following way:Firstly, you drive along Nguyen Trai street, Ha Dong, and turn left at the junction of Ba La to Van Dinh. Then, go you will drive further about 40 km to Te Tieu before turning left. Finally, you ask the locals the way to Perfume Pagoda. Also, you can drive on the old Highway 1A to Thanh Tri. (Note: when you go from Binh Da to Kim Bai, you should remember to bring the driving papers with you and have mirror on the motorbike to avoid being arrested by the police). If taking a guide tour:While staying in Hanoi, no worries when you could easily see lots of booking offices that offer Perfume Pagoda tour, here, we are a Ultimate Hanoi Adventures that provides one day package tour including transports, entrance fees, an English tour, meals and drinks. You can discover the highlights and get full of information about this … [Read more...]

Exotic Highlands of Vietnam

Overview No photographers can help being enchanted by the one and only marvelous beauty from romantic wild landscape of Central Highlands, even though some areas here still bear the savage scars of war.Travelholics who visit Vietnam certainly witness a wide range of cultural hues and natural beauty alongside the S-shape country. However, nobody is confident enough to claim that they fully understand the Central Highlands, where there are five inland provinces: from Dalat in the South to Kon Tum in the North. Believe it or not, an exciting eco-tour to this immensely wild region will definitely trigger the curiosity and interest of those living their whole life in hectic modern cities.Coming to the bizarre Central Highlands, domestic and foreign tourists can choose either elephant ride or horse ride at ease. It would be great to let yourself float on majestic rivers, water swing on the pirogue to melt your souls into the sense of pristine nature, and enjoy a little bit of spicy “Ruou Can”(made from fermented rice wine), which is a kind of strong but delicious liquor of the place. There’s more for you to choose if you are keen on intensely flavored cuisine, since you can treat yourself with deer meet, bamboo shoot, or “com lam” (rice in bamboo tube).Due to equatorial climate with hot and humid weather in all year round, untouched forests of the Central Highlands have made up one of the most precious and diversified eco system in Vietnam. They particularly feature beautiful waterfalls and countless species of flora and fauna that only exist as fossils in other places of the world.Being a multicultural land with many ethnic minorities living here for generations, the Central Highlands is also well-known for its unique Gong and Cymbal culture. Each tribal group here has their own typical sets of Gong and Cymbal. In festival ceremonies, music of Gong and Cymbal is in harmony with Folk art performances, special dances and elephant racing shows. This … [Read more...]

7 Must-Eat Dishes While Travelling to Germany

Do you like sausages and you want to find best meat grinder for your kitchen? You can go here for a couple of choices. Do you like to travel to Germany for your sausages? Let me tell you that there is much more food waiting for you in Germany rather than just sausages. 1. SausagesThere is good chance that you will see more than 1 type of “wurst” (“sausage” in German) at any grill food shop across the country. The easiest choice will be “Bratwurst” which is usually made out of pork, beef or veal. This dish has been around since 14th century in Nuremberg; however most Germans will recommend you to try “Rostbratwurst” (shortly “Roster”) from Thuringian state. This type of sausage is geographically protected in all over the world, and its special spice created an unfamiliar yet delicious flavor to the Roster. Bratwurst in general usually comes with a Brotchen (a small white bread) and some mustard.Another famous type of sausage is Currywurst – pork sausage served with curry tomato sauce. This dish can be found anywhere across Germany, but most well-known in Hamburg, Berlin and Ruhrgebiet in Western Germany. For a portion of no more than 4 euro, you will have a bratwurst, tomato curry sauce with a bit more curry powder, and a brotchen or a small portion of fries. 2. German Bretzel Stepping in any bakery in Germany and for sure you will find some authentic bretzel. You can eat it just without anything else, just like a piece of bread snack. However in some restaurants, brezel is served with a variety of sauces, or cheese mixture. A good bretzel should be adequately seasoned with big chunks of sea salt, and it should be a bit crunchy on the outside (like a sausage) but soft and tender on the inside. Though Bretzel is a true representation for German bread, we encourage you to try as many types of bread in Germany as possible, because each of them has its own charm. 3. Wurstsalat – Sausage/Ham SaladYou want a healthy meal on a loaf of bread? Get into … [Read more...]