Travel Guide to Dalat from A to Z

Having many stunning sightseeing places, DaLat is one of the most destinations in Vietnam. The informative post below will bring you useful tips in DaLat so you become a wise traveler who is able to enjoy the full of fun and delicacies with a budget travel that is very suitable for any backpackersDaLat located on Lam Van plateau belongs to Lam Dong province. Considered as a small Paris, DaLat become attractive because of the plateau’s coldness at night, fog early morning and the pines covering the city. DaLat is called by a close name such as “City of Flowers”, “City of Love”, “City of Spring “or “City of Fog” When to go? DaLat is beautiful all year round, but each month has its own beauty. From February to April, Dalat falls into the spring when apricot and cherry blossoms bloom all over the city.Summer is from June to August, a stunning city carries many emotions in each traveler through rains. In DaLat, It is not heavy rains as you can see the sunshine while it’raining. It is compared DaLat season as a pretty girl.In Autumn, from September to December, Dalat become more mysterious thanks to foggy and cloudy season. There are clouds hovering in the blue sky. You should get up early morning to enjoy sunrise in Dalat. This time there are many flowers such as sunflowers, white spots, hummingbirds, grasses, grass, snowflakes. Da Lat absolutely is beautiful all year round. Where to visit? There are so many touristy places where you don’t have an interest, so let’s try to go further and find somewhere off the beaten tracks. We can make a list such as Cu Luu, Ma Rung Lu Quan, Langbiang, Golden Valley, Elephant Mountain, Tiger Cave, Tran Le Gia Trang, Pongour Waterfall, Cau Dat Tea Plantation.When visiting these tourist destinations above, you need to add some garden destinations on your bucket list such as flower gardens, vegetable gardens or strawberry gardens..You can ask gardeners for taking pictures and then picking fresh strawberries, … [Read more...]