Attractive variations from Vietnamese Pho

Besides traditional noodle soup, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy wine stewed beef rice noodle soup, deep fried rice noodle or mixed rice noodle.

As Bang Son, a writer has said “Pho is the truly typical gift”, wherever you go on the S-shaped country; you will always find a restaurant serving the noodle soup. Not only traditional rice noodle soup, many variations are cooked. Here are 6 kinds tourists should find to enjoy once.

1. Stewed beef rice noodle soup


White noodle from Asia and European style cooked brown beef slices are two different things but under the skillful hands of cookers, the stewed beef rice noodle soup still attract a lot of people to try.

Unlike traditional beef noodle soup with many kinds from well done to with steak, flank, tendon, tripe and fatty flank, this soup just has only one kind to serve. However, people still love it and enjoy very much. So, the stewed beef rice noodle soup becomes more and more popular.

2. Deep fried rice noodles


The rice noodles will be cut into square pieces and then, put in the boiling cooking oil pan to deep fry. However, the special thing is in the step of stir frying beef with spinach. Beef chosen is the good one. It will be marinated well with spices before stir frying with spinach. When it is nearly well done, ladle it into a plate and place the hot deep fried rice noodles on the top.

Because the deep fried rice noodles will be much oily, eating with the stir fried beef with spinach will make you have good appetite and gobble up. So, this great combination is not obvious at all!

3. Stir-fried noodles


Stir fried noodle is an easy dish to order and eat, which any gourmets will know. The ingredients are still familiar such as beef, spinach, onion… but it brings many different tastes that those eating already will admire. It must have the combination of tender rice noodles with crunchy green vegetables and garlicky stir fried beef. Moreover, some restaurants will serve the dish with cucumber pickles and herbs to avoid losing appetite as it is oily. A cup of tea will also help enjoy it better.

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4. Fried Egg Noodles

If the deep fried rice noodles are cut into square pieces, the fried egg noodles will be the small and long strips before putting into the oil pan. Just until the rice noodle is nearly well-done, they will add the eggs and beaten up.

Fried egg noodles will be served with the stir fried beef with spinach. This dish is quite attractive and worthy to try.

5. Mixed rice noodles


While traditional noodle soup is most famous for the soup with beef, the mixed rice noodle is popular with shredded chicken. There are many mixed noodle restaurants around the city, enough to make visitors confused about the place they should come to.

Mixed noodles are made from rice noodles, shredded boiled chicken, roasted peanuts, shallots and bean sprouts. Depending on each restaurant, the taste of the mixed noodle will be different, but the difference will make this dish of each region special.

6. Rice noodle rolls


The last variation from Vietnamese rice noodle we need to mention is rice noodle rolls. A special feature of this dish is that people can use hands or chopsticks to enjoy. Each piece of rice noodle roll at first glance is like fresh spring rolls with stir fried beef, lettuce, cilantro, dipping in the bowl of sweet and sour sauce with some carrot and papaya slices.

When eating, you just take a layer of the rice noodle paper and add the beef, lettuce and herbs on top before rolling and then, dip in the sweet and sour sauce. That’s all what you need to do to enjoy the dish. Because of both eye-catching appearance and impressive flavor, not only children but also adults really love it.

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