Da Lat – Graceful beauty in autumn

The cool atmosphere with the breeze gently blow through the pine forest, the roads to every corner, every house, every lake, every hill to embroider a lively and picturesque image of Da Lat in autumn

The beauty of the autumn


Da Lat is the rustic highland with the cool weather all year around, friendly and hospitable locals. All are the attractive points which leave the strong impression on each tourist when visiting the city

When it comes to Da Lat, definitely no one forgets the alluring beauty of the city much favored by the nature and famous for the heaven of flowers, the land of fruits.

Although having the same features of tropical monsoon climate, including spring, summer, autumn and winter, Da Lat has all 4 seasons within a day. Precisely, there are spring with full of vitality in morning, sweltering heat of summer at noon, the cool weather of autumn in the afternoon and freezing air in winter at night.

Specially, each season brings to Da Lat the unique beauty. While spring brings the breath of vitality with the bright pink color of apricot and cherry blossom, summer has strange attractiveness. Although it is very hot and sometimes rainy, summer in Da Lat will make tourists feel peaceful with the purple color of Jacaranda flowers. When you visit Da Lat in autumn, you will be very excited towards the breathtaking landscapes. Lastly, in winter, Da Lat will coat itself the sad but romantic winds with a thin layer of frost, making you a little cold. However, above all, the autumn is the most prominent season in Da Lat.

For a long time, the autumn is considered as the most beautiful season in the year and also a time with plenty of picturesque scenes with the sorrow that cannot explained by words. Perhaps, the theme of autumn is no longer new to the nature lovers but when they sightsee the landscapes in such a season, they will be never bored. No matter where it is, the autumn is always beautiful and romantic. This atmosphere reminds me of the great experiences while volunteering in Sapa with local kids

The interesting thing when you travel to Da Lat is that you will realize Da Lat seems to coat itself the fresh color with the sudden rains and a little cold weather or the bright yellow shade of the sunlight through the pine leaves. Moreover, the sound of falling pine leaves and the blowing breezes perfectly combine to create a magical symphony enchanting so many souls.

Things to do


The beauty of Da Lat when the autumn comes makes any visitors have unexplainable feelings, especially the lovers. It is so wonderful to go for a walk on the roads full of falling yellow leaves with lines of arid big trees interleaving the colorful flowers.

It will be much more wonderful if you wander to every street corner to catch the beautiful scenes and enjoy the delicious charred corns or sweet potatoes. You also can emerge yourself into the autumn winds and sightsee the quiet but attractive Xuan Huong Lake with swan-shaped boats floating on the surface. In doing so, you maybe lease all the burdens and sorrow in your daily life.

It is not coincident to say that Da Lat is one of the top choices of many tourists to visit and rest because this place has its own unique attractiveness that is so strange but ancient with French style built villas, schools and train stations looming in the endless pine forests, charming in the nature coat, splendid with the rays of sunlight reflecting through the wild but picturesque springs. That is the creative inspiration, the heaven of art to unleash the ability for the great works to praise the beauty of the autumn.

The picture of Da Lat in the autumn makes this place a tourist attraction and great resort for relaxing. Both locals and visitors will have more profound feelings about the land of legends and love with such a sensation. No matter who you are or where you come from, once you visit Da Lat, you will not want to leave any more or cannot forget after having to leave it.

In short, Da Lat in each season will have its own beauty and attractiveness. It depends on each person’s feeling towards the land of flower species. Among the seasons, the autumn is spotlight one making Da Lat much more gorgeous and impressive in front of tourists’ eyes. If you have chance, do not miss this great place. Visit and feel for one time!