Exotic Highlands of Vietnam


No photographers can help being enchanted by the one and only marvelous beauty from romantic wild landscape of Central Highlands, even though some areas here still bear the savage scars of war.


Travelholics who visit Vietnam certainly witness a wide range of cultural hues and natural beauty alongside the S-shape country. However, nobody is confident enough to claim that they fully understand the Central Highlands, where there are five inland provinces: from Dalat in the South to Kon Tum in the North. Believe it or not, an exciting eco-tour to this immensely wild region will definitely trigger the curiosity and interest of those living their whole life in hectic modern cities.

Coming to the bizarre Central Highlands, domestic and foreign tourists can choose either elephant ride or horse ride at ease. It would be great to let yourself float on majestic rivers, water swing on the pirogue to melt your souls into the sense of pristine nature, and enjoy a little bit of spicy “Ruou Can”(made from fermented rice wine), which is a kind of strong but delicious liquor of the place. There’s more for you to choose if you are keen on intensely flavored cuisine, since you can treat yourself with deer meet, bamboo shoot, or “com lam” (rice in bamboo tube).

Due to equatorial climate with hot and humid weather in all year round, untouched forests of the Central Highlands have made up one of the most precious and diversified eco system in Vietnam. They particularly feature beautiful waterfalls and countless species of flora and fauna that only exist as fossils in other places of the world.

Being a multicultural land with many ethnic minorities living here for generations, the Central Highlands is also well-known for its unique Gong and Cymbal culture. Each tribal group here has their own typical sets of Gong and Cymbal. In festival ceremonies, music of Gong and Cymbal is in harmony with Folk art performances, special dances and elephant racing shows. This place is also home to thousands of legendaries, myths and wild rock songs.

4 recommended destinations

  •  The Valley of love in Dalat


It is truly one of the most charming sites of the city with dreamy pine forests. Following the natural tracks around the valley, tourists can also see Western-style flower gates and statues. And what could be greater than saying your marriage proposal in such a romantic atmosphere?

  • Lak Lake in Buon Ma Thuot

Welcome to the Central Highland’s largest natural freshwater lake. With vast yet idyllic scenery, it would be ideal for your motorcycle trips. For this place, you may have more chances to observe minority villages, enjoy musical gong performances or try collecting snails or crayfishes.

  • Plei Chuet Motagnard Church

Located among farmland and the clearest forests, it is a kind of massive Rong house somewhat similar to the architectural style of the minority hill tribes & Montaganards. Its architecture is quite typical and unique.

  • Nha rong Kon Klor in Kon Tum

It is the symbol and pride of Bana, an ethic minority living here. The building also plays as a very impressed stiff communal house which is usually used as a meeting hall for the village or festival place.