Suggestions on 6 attractive tourist destinations in Asia

Asia has its own identity and culture with a lot of attractive landscapes and interesting places to discover and experience. Here are suggestions on 6 attractive but cheap destinations for your trip in Asia. Let’s take a look for reference!

Thailand archipelago


The country of golden pagoda is famous for the wonderful tropical islands. Located in the south of Thailand, through the capital city Bangkok, you can visit hundreds of small and big islands with picturesque white sand beaches.
In which, the most famous one is Phuket Island. Many tourists visiting Thailand will never forget this island and others nearby such as Phang Nga Bay, Similand Island and so on. Besides, there are Racha Island and Ang Thong Island where you can come to dive and explore the interesting things under the water.

Phi Phi Island attracts much more visitors. Opposite to Thailand Bay is Koh Samui Island where you can enjoy the great beach and the scene of local people’s life. This is one of the top choices of many tourists with 1.5 million visitors annually. Moreover, the price for renting a room is cheaper than other places.



Siem Reap is the well-known place in Cambodia. The ancient city Angkor Thom dating back to 12th century has the ancient architecture style, impressively the royal city in history. In which, Angkor Wat temple or the City temple in Cambodia is one of the tourist attractions and also a nature wonder of the world. In this place, there is a short cut that you can experience yourself by riding a bike to discover the ancient temples. With the long standing history and diverse cuisine, when you travel to Cambodia, there are so many ideal places to go shopping. According to TripAdvisor’s survey, the room price is just around 40$/night.
In November, there are about 1 million tourists visiting Tonle Sap Temple in Phnom Penh to see the dragon-shaped boat racing festival with the participation of many local villages to gain the prize.

The Philippines

Himation River, also called Enchanted River, is a cannot-miss destination. Moreover, Tune-a Waterfall in Soriano Del Sur in the south of Mindanao Island, the Philippines is one of the famous tourist sites in Bislig City.
In the Philippines, the amusement is never insufficient. Traveling to the Philippines means that tourists can go shopping in Makati, take a visit around The Gallery of Quezon City, take a tour by bike, visit doctrine temple or go for walk in the park of Davao City.
Hibiscus Garden Hotel was chosen to be in the rank No. 1 in the hotel list by TripAdvisor in 2015 because t5he staff are professional and friendly as well as the cheap price of 30$/night.

The most famous towers in the world

La Corona Hotel which is near Rizal Park in Manila is 50$/night. If you like the luxury and convenient feelings, you should choose Amarela Resort with the room price of 100$/night.

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a perfect choice for those who love wild animals and long standing history. Yala National Park is the home to panther species and the hunters. When stopping at Tangale, you can visit Mulkirigala Stone Temple and other historic sites. You should not forget to find the way to Sri Lanke railway to sightsee the wonderful natural scenes.
It is difficult to find a hotel with the room price of 100$/night in Sri Lanka but there are many guesthouses for you to choose. Ocean View Cottage Guesthouse is in the area of restaurants and bars on the beach with the air conditioning (30$/night). If not, you can choose Gloria Grand Hotel in Unawatuna with the price of 60$/night. More luxury, choosing Buckingham Place in Tangalle with 130$/night is alright.



Although there are more expensive places for you to visit than those in Bali, you can find the tourist sites for your own trip with the reasonable price if you are careful
Depending on where you visit, the room price can fluctuate from 10$/night for a clean room to the rooms of 1000$/night with full of facilities in the 5 star resort.
For Bali tourism, you can visit the Grand Natia in Candidasa or Aqua Villa in Seminyak. Selecta in Batu, the east of Java is an attractive spot for families to travel to with many beautiful parks combined with recreational activities. Its’ room price is about 50$/night.

Rajasthan, India


When traveling to Rajasthan, India, you can visit Jaipur where there are many animals like elephants in Elefantastic. The next stop is the historic sites. Besides, Udaipur is the land of Dharohar dance.
If you like to know more about the cultural value, Neemrana Fort will be the top choice for you as it is the most long standing historic site in India, established in 1980s.

To brief, keep these famous places in you mind if you have chance to visit Asian countries one day