Taking a tour to Perfume Pagoda in Hanoi

Perfume Pagoda located in in Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Ha Noi is one of the fascinating spiritual tourism in the first days of the spring. Perfume Pagoda complex owns many scattered buildings in Yen stream valley, from the manmade works with the unique style to the caves created by nature.


Perfume Pagoda festival annually lasts from January 6th to the end of the March as Lunar calendar. If you want to go to church, you should go into the festival season. If you go sightseeing temples and admire the wonders by nature, you can go in any time during the year. The most prominent place is the Huong Tich Cave.

When visiting Perfume Pagoda in the festival season, most tourists often worry about the blood expensiveness from the sellers. However, you are absolutely assured that if you equip yourself some travel tips below:
Transportation from Hanoi to Perfume Pagoda is very popular like passenger car, bus or taxi motorbike. Because the distance is not long, most people choose to travel by motorcycle, and the students usually go there by bus.

  • If you visit Perfume Pagoda by motorbike, you can go in the following way:

Firstly, you drive along Nguyen Trai street, Ha Dong, and turn left at the junction of Ba La to Van Dinh. Then, go you will drive further about 40 km to Te Tieu before turning left. Finally, you ask the locals the way to Perfume Pagoda. Also, you can drive on the old Highway 1A to Thanh Tri. (Note: when you go from Binh Da to Kim Bai, you should remember to bring the driving papers with you and have mirror on the motorbike to avoid being arrested by the police).

  • If taking a guide tour:

While staying in Hanoi, no worries when you could easily see lots of booking offices that offer Perfume Pagoda tour, here, we are Hanoi Ultimate Adventures that provides one day package tour including transports, entrance fees, an English tour, meals and drinks. You can discover the highlights and get full of information about this attraction.

Go in the direction of Highway 1A (Phap Van – Cau Re), turn right at intersection Dong Van to Highway 38, then continue driving further about 15km to the Perfume Pagoda.

  • If traveling by bus to Perfume Pagoda:

you can take the bus 75 in Yen Nghia bus station or Huong Son station. The price is more or less 25,000 VND. The earliest bus is at 6am in Yen Nghia bus station. It will take you about 1 hour to the site. However, the distance from the bus stop to the boat placement is 1km so you can take a taxi motorbike to the wharf or walk to there.

(*) Most tourists often visit Perfume Pagoda in a day, so hotels and motels are not common there. However, if you need to stay overnight, you can rent a room of guesthouse at Yen Vi wharf.

Fares to visit Perfume Pagoda and boat experiences

General ticket prices are 85.000d/ ticket/ passenger, in which, the entrance ticket price is 50,000 VND/ ticket and the boat price is 35.000/ ticket (the high quality price is 40,000 VND/ ticket. For adults aged 60 years and over, they will have the 50% discount of ticket price, about 25.000 VND. If children are under 10 years, the free tickets will be offered; children over 10 years old receive a 50% discount (25,000 VND/ ticket/ person).

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Additionally, if wishing to visit more alternative routes such as Long Van, Tuyet Son, you have to pay additional fee of 25,000 VND/ ticket / trip/ person. The suspense cable round-trip price for adults and children are respectively 140,000 VND/ ticket and 90.000VND/ ticket; one way is 90.000VND respectively / tickets and 60.000 VND/ ticket.

Boat travel experience when visiting Perfume Pagoda

You should buy the tickets directly at the entrance gate or Yen stream area to contact the boat rider. On the festival days, the number of tourists will rapidly increase, so in order to avoid paying too much money for tickets, you should make a deal with the boat riders.

Perfume Pagoda is an architectural complex in the Suoi Yen valley, with four pilgrimage routes:

– Huong Tich Route: Trinh Temple – Thien Tru Pagoda – Tien Son Cave – Giai Oan Pagoda – Tran Song Temple – Huong Tich Cave – Hinh Bong Pagoda.
– Thanh Son Route: Thanh Son Temple – Huong Dai Cave.
– Long Van Route: Long Van Pagoda – Long Van Cave- Sung Sam Cave.
– Tuyet Son Route: Bao Dai Temple – Chua Ca Cave – Tuyet Son Cave.

Specialty of Perfume Pagoda

Along the road from the wharf to the Thien Tru Pagoda, there are many restaurants, you should ask for price before eating. Specialties in Perfume Pagoda are mountain goats, boars, horses, porcupines, pangolins. Especially Melientha suavis is very famous in Perfume Pagoda.

Shopping Experience at Perfume pagoda

You should prepare before travel because the price in the pagoda is often higher. Perfume Pagoda sells many souvenirs and specialties so you can buy as a gift for friends and families such as bracelets, necklaces, mirrors, combs, apricots and Melientha suavis. Before buying, you need to check the quality as well as quantity.